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Orange Oil Termite Treatment – Is it Effective?

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Using orange oil is not the only option for termite control. It is a non-toxic treatment for termites that is also non-toxic and safe to use. There are many other termite control methods out there including commercial pest control companies. If you’d like to use one of these methods yourself you should do some research on the topic. The best way to learn about each method is to find a trusted source and compare them.

XT-2000 Orange Oil Termite Treatment contains d-Limonene

Orange Oil Termite Treatment contains a compound called d-limonene which is considered to be safe because it is so low in toxicity. The chemical kills termites by damaging their exoskeleton causing their death. This treatment is also known as orange oil termite control and it is used to treat many different types of termite infestations. To apply the Orange Oil Termite Control drill holes into wood and inject the Orange Oil into the termite chambers.

To evaluate the safety of Orange Oil Termite Treatment the company hired Dr. Rudolf H. Scheffrahn an entomologist at the University of Florida to test the product. He treated eight pieces of a Brazilian Pepper tree with 95% d-limonene and 153 mL of water. The test results proved that the Orange Oil Termite Treatment was safe and effective.

OOE is able to treat most parts of a structure including wall voids. Fiber optic scopes can be used to inspect these inaccessible areas. Termites do not tunnel through glass tubes filled with treated sand. Once applied the d-limonene vapors will kill termites and their eggs. Additionally this treatment does not leave a residual chemical that will harm the environment.

A major advantage of Orange Oil Termite Treatment over other products is that it does not leave any residue behind. Unlike most other termite treatments this solution does not require you to vacate your home or remove any plants. Furthermore you do not have to worry about odor or the potential for air contamination since Orange Oil is completely biodegradable and does not produce a toxic air contaminant.

It is non-toxic

There are several pros and cons to Orange Oil Termite Treatment. First it doesn’t leave any residue so it’s safe for humans. Second it biodegrades in about a week. Finally it doesn’t cause damage to plants or pets which makes it an excellent alternative to fumigation. However the downside is that it isn’t always effective against subterranean termites.

While orange oil is still a toxic chemical it’s much lower in toxicity than other termite treatments. This means you don’t have to evacuate your home or remove your pets while you’re treating. And because orange oil is non-toxic it doesn’t contaminate food. This makes it an appealing alternative for those who don’t want to have to leave their homes during termite treatment.

Using Orange Oil Termite Treatment is a great option for homeowners who don’t want to use toxic chemicals. Not only is it safe for humans but it’s also effective against both ants and drywood termites. And what’s best it’s non-toxic! You’ll save money protect the environment and feel good about yourself while doing it. And best of all it won’t harm your pets.

While Orange Oil Termite Treatment is effective against subterranean and drywood termites it isn’t as effective against subterranean termites which live in soil and come up to feed on wood. During the orange oil treatment the termite technician injects the orange oil into the affected wood through holes. The orange oil then spreads throughout the wood’s porous cells and kills the termites on contact.

It is safe

There are few experts that would argue that Orange Oil Termite Treatment is safe. However the debate over the safety of orange oil may be more about the methods used to apply the solution. As a spot treatment orange oil has similar advantages as any other local termite treatment. Here are the advantages of orange oil. These include: (a) safety: It leaves no residue and does not need to be reapplied. (b) It is biodegradable: the orange oil residue will degrade in about a week.

In the case of fumigation you may be required to stay away from your home for 24 to 60 hours after the orange oil application. Fumigation is an inconvenient process but has the advantage that it will kill every termite. Also orange oil treatment is only effective if termites are detected and accessible. This is a real concern for many homeowners. However orange oil treatment is safe to use in homes where children and pets are present.

Another major advantage of orange oil is its low-toxicity. This makes it very safe for humans and pets. Moreover it is effective against termites that live in wood which means that it will not harm your pets or home. However the downside of orange oil is that it is not as effective against subterranean termites. So if you have an infestation it is best to seek professional help.

The chemical compounds in orange oil are d-limonene which have a low toxicity level. D-limonene kills termites by damaging their exoskeleton and causing desiccation. Orange oil based termite treatment is safe to use but it is best to seek professional help when it comes to fumigation.

It is effective

If you are wondering whether Orange Oil Termite Treatment is effective you should know that this method is only effective on drywood termites. This type of termite lives beneath the surface of the soil and only emerges to feed on wood. Because of this applying orange oil to these termite chambers may eliminate the entire colony. But this method may not be effective on subterranean termites.

The most effective method of orange oil termite treatment is to apply it to wood that replaces the wood that was infested by termites. This way you won’t need to worry about repeat infestation. One of the most effective methods of orange oil termite treatment is XT-2000. However this method is not as effective as fumigation which costs several hundred to several thousand dollars.

Although orange oil termite treatment is effective on some types of infestation it may not be the best option for large infestations. It is also not very effective when used alone. The oil is highly flammable which is not recommended. It is therefore important to use a professional termite control treatment before using orange oil. Once you have successfully applied orange oil to the affected area it will begin to kill the termites.

Another method of orange oil termite treatment is tenting. Tenting ensures that every part of the property is treated. However this method is not suitable for all houses so the best solution will depend on the areas infested the number of termites in the colony and the level of infestation. Then the orange oil treatment will start working! When the area is completely treated termites will no longer be able to live in the property.

It is not as effective as Borate-based termite spot treatment

When compared to Borate-based termite spot treatment orange oil is not nearly as effective. While orange oil is effective against active termite infestations it cannot completely eliminate a colony and multiple treatments are usually required. Additionally this type of treatment is only effective on visible termite infestations. A more reliable method of termite eradication is fumigation a process by which fumigant gas penetrates walls floors lumber and other surfaces to eliminate the colony.

While orange oil is an effective termite spot treatment it is ineffective against subterranean termites. Although the orange oil treatment kills termites directly on contact it is not effective against subterranean termites which live in soil and feed in wood. Similarly a Borate-based treatment has no residual effect after the termites die off.

The most common type of termite spot treatment is a fumigant. While it may be less effective in killing subterranean termites it is still effective against drywood termites. This chemical is injected into wood through ink-pen-sized holes and saturates the wood. It takes about four to six hours to kill the termites.

Despite the effectiveness of termite-based termite spot treatment homeowners should still take preventive measures to minimize their infestation. Home remedies for termites are often not enough to protect homes against future infestations. A proper chemical barrier is necessary to prevent future attacks. In addition to hiring a professional pest control service homeowners should avoid making repairs themselves. The repair cost will be higher than the total cost of the problem.

A home inspection will also reveal if termites have already infested the wood. Unless a homeowner discovers extensive damage caused by termites he or she is unlikely to notice them. Termite inspections are free and fast. So it’s best to get a professional termite inspection today. In the meantime you can always use an Orange Oil termite treatment.

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