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How to Use Beneficial Nematodes to Kill Termites

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The most effective way to apply beneficial nematodes to kill termites is to mix them with water. Let them sit for an hour then pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Spray every day for two weeks. Nematodes are safe to use around pets and humans. Do not mix them with fertilizers including soil conditioners. You can buy the beneficial nematodes online or in a store.

Orange oil kills termites

Using orange oil for termite control can be effective but it has its limitations. It only kills termites in their early stages and you need to apply the solution a few times to ensure complete termite eradication. In addition it is only effective above ground so if you have underground termites you will need to use an alternative method. Here are some benefits of using orange oil to kill termites:

First of all orange oil is nontoxic. It’s highly effective at preventing termite infestations. When mixed with lemon juice it can kill termites on contact and you can also use it on wooden furniture. This solution will penetrate cracks and holes in wooden furniture and kill any termites that may be present. Another method for termite removal is using bug bombs which are pressurized aerosol cans that contain insecticides.

Another beneficial aspect of orange oil is that it is safe for human consumption. It is a natural substance and small amounts are beneficial to health. However if you’re not careful you can end up with severe stomach upset or even vomiting. That’s why it is important to wear protective clothing when working with this product. Besides it’s also less toxic than most chemical termite treatments. Orange oil also doesn’t require homeowners to vacate their homes during the treatment.

If you’re concerned about the safety of orange oil you should ask your local pest control expert before using this product. The oil is very effective against Drywood termites but it does not work against the entire colony. You may need to repeat the treatment periodically to ensure complete termite elimination. If you have any doubts about whether orange oil will work for your termite infestation seek the advice of a qualified pest control expert.

The main disadvantage of orange oil is that it is not effective on any other termite type including fungi. Its effectiveness is lower than commercially available pesticides and it must be applied several times. However this method is still a viable option for termite control. It can also be used as a DIY method and doesn’t require any special knowledge. However it can only be used to treat Drywood termites.

Sodium borate kills termites

Sodium borate commonly known as borax powder is a chemical used to kill termites. You can mix it with water and spray it around the affected area. You should make sure to repeat the application as necessary for maximum results. Sodium borate also works as an effective repellent. This chemical is non-toxic to humans and pets and can be found in most supermarkets.

Sodium borate is a less toxic insecticide. Its main application is laundry and home cleaning but it is also effective in killing termites. Borax interferes with the digestive system of termites causing them to die. Sodium borate is especially effective against drywood termites as they set up entire colonies in wood. While sodium borate does not kill fungus or bacteria it does kill termites including aphids.

Sodium borate kills termites with its natural predators which are microscopic roundworms. These nematodes are bred to be non-toxic to humans and can be applied to infested areas of a house. They can be mixed with water and sprayed on the infected area. Sodium borate has some health risks however and it is best used outdoors.

Orange oil and neem oil are effective against termites when applied in early stages. However this method only works on termites that are above ground and have defined boundaries. If your termites are underground you will have to use another method of extermination. For best results use borax in powder form and spray the infested areas daily. If this method doesn’t work try other methods including extermination by nematodes.

Another natural method for killing termites is to spray boric acid onto the infested area. You can create a solution of boric acid by mixing boric acid powder with water. After that you can spray the solution onto the infested area. Boric acid is non-toxic and is safe for humans and pets. It is also an effective trap for termites that can be sprayed onto wood furniture.

Beneficial nematodes kill termites with gut bacteria

Beneficial nematodes are roundworms that are parasitic on a wide range of garden pests. These worms burrow into the host insect and release a symbiotic gut bacteria that poisons the termites’ blood. These worms are available in stores and online and can be mixed into the soil with cold water. When mixed with water the worms will kill a broad spectrum of garden pests including subterranean termites.

The first step in controlling a termite infestation is to find the infestation’s entry points. If the termites are in the early stages nematodes will quickly penetrate the termite’s body wall and begin feeding. Within 24 hours the worms will produce a toxins in their gut and kill the termites. If a termite infestation is too large to contain with the nematodes it may be necessary to employ a more costly solution such as tenting. Although beneficial nematodes kill termites in a relatively short amount of time they must be applied multiple times.

Using a watering can spray bottle or irrigation system is another way to apply these worms. It is important to note that nematodes are sensitive organisms and are sensitive to fertilizers and high nitrogen levels in the soil. You must be careful to apply the nematodes two weeks before or after fertilization. If they don’t survive they will die.

Beneficial nematodes are available in stores and online. When applied in the soil they will move into the termites’ bodies. Once the termites have been killed the nematodes will rot away in the soil. Beneficial nematodes are effective at controlling over 200 different types of insect pests including termites. If applied in time beneficial nematodes will kill termites without harming your home.

Once applied to the soil beneficial nematodes can stay active up to 95 degrees Fahrenheit and kill the pest. A single application of beneficial nematodes may not completely eradicate an infestation so it is recommended to repeat the treatment every 7 to 10 days until the pest population decreases. Moreover nematodes are sensitive to nitrogen and should not be used in the soil where it is susceptible to damage.

Nematodes are safe for use around humans and pets

Beneficial nematodes are natural non-toxic pest control agents that can kill insects and prevent their growth. Because they are classified as macro-organisms they do not have regulatory warnings or restrictions. The best thing about nematodes is that they can be applied to almost any surface and are very affordable. Since they are tiny only a few millions are needed to treat one thousand square feet.

Beneficial nematodes are completely harmless to humans pets and plants. They are beneficial because they are natural predators that actively hunt pest insects. Furthermore these pest control agents are safe for humans animals and plants. Additionally nematodes are not susceptible to resistance-building as many pest insects can develop resistance to chemical pesticides over time. Nematodes do not harm pets and people and they have a short shelf-life.

Beneficial nematodes are incredibly helpful for a variety of pest problems. In the home they can eliminate insects like armyworms black vine weevils blue-green weevils and citrus root weevils. They are also effective for killing grubs and other pests. Nematodes are also beneficial for controlling insects in the yard. Nematodes are safe for use around humans and pets and they are safe for all ages.

Depending on the type of nematodes used they can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. The best time to store them is early in the morning or late afternoon. Unlike other pesticides nematodes can be exposed to extreme temperatures. Temperatures over 90degF will kill most of them. Nematodes can survive for up to 18 months in soil but they do not live long enough to reproduce in them.

When used as directed nematodes are safe for humans and pets. Nematodes are easy to use and can be used as a direct spray or in irrigation systems. Some varieties of EPNs are available commercially and suppliers can deliver them to your operations. They are effective in controlling various insect pests including mosquitoes cockroaches and silverfish.

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